The World Service Conference Committee of Business Debtors Anonymous (BDA)

presents the following fellowship-wide conference call:

A Spiritual Approach to Growing

Your Business:

BDA Tools 7, 8, and 9

Sunday, December 2, 2018

11:00-12:30 PM PST

Three speakers will speak on the following BDA tools:

Tool 7:

We pay our bills and invoice our clients promptly.

Tool 8:

We put all our business agreements in writing and write our own Letters of Agreement.

Tool 9:

We notice the competition but don’t worry about it. We learn from our competitors and trust that it is an abundant universe with more than enough for everyone.

Each speaker will share their experience, strength, and hope for 15 minutes on each BDA tool. After the speaker presentations, callers will be given the opportunity to participate in timed shares.


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